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Pruning for Large and Ornamental Trees

Pruning to remove dead and weak limbs maintains tree health and safety. Thinning trees helps to reduce wind resistance and possible storm damage. When my team and I prune, all large limbs are carefully lowered to prevent any damage to understory planting or your property.

Natural and Artistic Pruning for Shrubs

When pruning trees and shrubs we try to keep the natural shape of the plant. This type of pruning is healthier for the plant by allowing light penetration and air circulation to the inner canopy. Natural pruning is an art form that I mastered over the years and that is appreciated amongst my loyal clients.


Sometimes soil is lacking of organic matter and nutrients. Proper fertilization will help provide essential nutrients to improve plant health and vigor. Healthier trees and shrubs are more resistant to insects and disease. I can also take soil samples to analyze and identify the nutrient deficiencies.


Installation of cables and brace rods can help reduce the risk of failure of weak branches and multiple stems. I have seen many trees where cables were installed improperly and failed. 

Insect and Disease Management

With a strong knowledge of insects and disease, I can identify problems before major damage occurs. Emerald ash Borer is only one of the many insect damaging mature trees in Connecticut and has just been found in Harford County.

Tree Diagnosis and Consultations

With many years in the field of arboriculture, I am very knowledgeable in identifying insects, disease and cultural problems. I can give you a clear assessment of the problems that your trees may have.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Improper planting can lead to early decline and death of trees. Better Tree and Shrub Care can plant trees for privacy screening and add value to your home. I can plant the species that you desire but being a tree lover, I can also recommend a type of tree or shrub that is unique, beautiful and that is appropriate for the location. 

Take down

When removing a tree we are very careful not to damage the property and leave the sight in better condition then when we started.

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